Corporate Social Responsibility

          Environment Policy

          Environmental responsibility stands at the forefront of today’s global corporate agenda. Right Way has focused our core technologies on "green emission" related metal processes and products. We promote fuel efficiency and to reduce emission throughout our operations. Lightweight aluminum engine parts、suspension/steering parts and chassis components which reduce fuel consumption. High performance pistons which not only reduce fuel consumption but also yield cleaner emissions via tighter tolerances and cutting edge materials. Right Way is committed to “research, develop, and design environmental friendly and energy efficient products for the realization of environmental protection and mitigation of the impact on the environment”. For this cause, Right Way adopted and has been accredited the ISO 14001 EMS system in its facilities in Taiwan and FuZhou, China, and applied a systematic mode of management in environmental issues.

          In recent years Right Way’s mission and responsibility as a world citizen who has integrated green environment concept into development and manufacturing. Right Way puts a lot of efforts in the resource utilization, prevention of pollution and recycle of material. With whole heart and persistency, Right Way obtained the first certificate of piston manufacturing under the recognition of Central Standard Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.. Right Way passed a wide range of international quality-maintained certification tests and was awarded advanced quality certificates year by year. Meanwhile, Right Way possesses lots of exclusive rights and trademarks. Other than a good reputation and leading position within this business field, we have earned the trust and credibility from our customers.

          Right Way has established an environmental protection system for handling air pollutants, water pollutants, solid dumps, toxic substances, noise and wasteful use of resources deriving from the production of products and related activities under the principles of “Law abiding, Energy Saving and Waste Reduction, Participation by All, and Continued Improvement”. This aims at mitigating the impact on the environment and performance of corporate social responsibility.

          Right Way commits to the following 4 directives for future endeavors:

          • Compliance with applicable laws governing environmental protection and related requirements.
          • Efficient use of energy and resources and align with the trend of environmental protection.
          • Continued improvement of the work environment for the health of the employees.
          • Fortification of the knowledge of environmental protection among employees and communication with customers and suppliers.
          Community Involvement

          Right Way believes in our fundamental values of honesty and being a good corporate citizen. Right Way’s commitment to corporate social responsibility is embodied in its employees to “do the right thing” . Right Way employees are committed to giving back in their local communities. Right Way programs enhance and improve lives and make the communities in which we operate more attractive places to live and work. We are also helping to stimulate economic development through initiatives like educational alliances with universities. As a technology-focused organization, we value the need to nurture and encourage young people fascinated by the elements of science and management education. These university programs also benefit local communities – especially those in the developing world -- which rely in part on quality educational opportunities to attract new residents, drive economic activity and raise standards of living.