NASA High Performance Pistons

          Right Way is proud to be the only piston manufacturer in the world that can make high quality cast pistons in conjunction with NASA for high performance engines. With NASA’s patented alloys and our experience, our pistons have extraordinary properties under high temperature which can make your piston more durable and lighter. Today, we produce more than 200,000 pistons annually using NASA alloys.

          Recently, we apply our unique technology to make first NASA forged aluminum piston. The piston is under evaluation and we expect the performance will be even better than cast ones.


          High temperature strength comparison between NASA and normal alloy

          NASA Alloy Forged Piston



          Characteristics of NASA alloy

          Break-Through Heat Resistance & Fatigue Strength
          • More than double the strength of conventional cast aluminum alloys at elevated temperatures.
          • Make light weight piston design possible.
          Exceptional dimensional stability
          • Improved microstructure stability helps reduce thermal growth in hot engines
          • High creep strength, reduce dimensional changes after extended use
          • Reduce engine noise, vibration & harshness (N.V.H.)
          • Reduce blow-by, oil consumption
          Greatly Improved Wear Resistance
          • Reduce piston/cylinder liner friction and extend engine life
          • Maintain high performance after high mileage


          Ideal for DI 2-stroke & 4-stroke Supercharged Engines
          • These engines are extremely hot
          Substituted from Forging Piston
          • Better performance
          • Lower cost (casting vs. forging)
          Suitable for Lightweight Piston Design
          • Make engine more responsible & increase horsepower
          • Increase fuel economy & reduce CO0(Greenhouse gas).
          Raise Compression Ratio for Higher Performance
          • For engines that are not extremely hot
          • Enhance torque & horse power
          • Increase fuel economy & reduce emissions